Principaux produits à importer de la Chine vers l’Europe

17 décembre 2019 by japzeoi0
China is one of the largest markets for the supply of quality products to the European market. With the increasing demand for quality products for the European community in China seems to be the supplier of almost all the products requested. While China can supply almost everything, some products have great value in terms of profit. Exporters and importers in China and Europe are more serious advantages to their professional relationship

Many supply companies in Europe are looking for the Asian market, in countries like India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Among them, China remains the largest supplier of products in Europe. This is due to its manufacturing quality, its costs and the boom in the Chinese economy.
The best products to import from China1. Plastic
products Plastic products are still in great demand on the European market. Whether for packaging or other products for the body and plastic equipment.

In order to procure superior quality plastic products in European countries, China remains the leading market. With its high quality plastic products such as industrial equipment, toys and other items, China is one of the largest suppliers of high quality plastic products to the European market.

Given the economic advantage of sourcing and importing products from the Chinese market, almost all of Europe is largely dependent on Chinese products.

2. Clothing
Clothing is the basic necessity and one of those products that will never fall short of demand. And with China being perhaps the largest market for almost all products, the importation of Chinese clothing and clothing into Europe will only increase.

While the Chinese market provides quality branded clothing to the European market, it is the affordable prices that keep China at the forefront of suppliers. Pakistan, Bangladesh and India are also competitors in the textile sector, but they cannot compete with China in certain categories of textiles.

The Chinese textile industry is one of the most profitable markets to invest in, especially for Europe. If you buy quality bulk clothing from China, the cost would drop considerably. This will ultimately help European companies to increase their profits.

3. Electronic

Electronics from China are exported all over the world. It is perhaps the most profitable product on the Chinese market. Almost the entire European market supplies Chinese electronic devices, whether gadgets or other electronic items. Chinese electronic products sell very well in the European market.

The most profitable Chinese electronics are gadgets such as laptops, tablets and cellphones. The Chinese mobile phone company Huawei now supplies its products all over Europe. With the digital age, the use of electronics is linked to the increase which now and China is at the top of the food chain, supplying tons of electronic products all over Europe

Many importers and companies supply Chinese electronic products and tons. Indeed, they are in high demand, their tendency is bound to increase and China supplies all kinds. And the Chinese market is still the most affordable to participate.

Tips for importing and sourcing in China

  • While sourcing Chinese products is very beneficial, there are certain precautions and guidelines you should follow to maximize your profits.
  • Make sure to follow these steps.
    Do your research. Not only in the Chinese market, but also in your field of activity. Learn more about the products and services and what is required. This will help you find the best and cheapest company in China.
  • After you’ve completed your research on your field and found a product in demand, make sure you find the right supplier to supply your goods. Many companies use the help of procurement agencies and consultants to provide them with what they want. You can team up with a reputable supply company in your country that has the knowledge and experience to work in the Chinese market. This will save you a lot of time and money.
  • Make sure you know your shipping method and China’s first export regions. You should know if your product is to be transported by air or sea. And keep in mind the largest importing regions of China, which are the Pearl River Delta, the Yangtze Delta and the economic edge of Bohai. Stay connected to the briefing group for more informative articles and blogs





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