What our customers say


                               SOPHIE T.


When you need to integrate products made in china in your business, you do not know how to start, how much it will cost and what results you will get! We quickly realized that China was a separate business and need an expert delegate to our problems. We wanted to have full transparency against the costs and possibilities, and the integrated approach BRIEFING immediately. The relationship is harmonious and constructive.

                               ROLAND B.


I met BRIEFING company in 2006 and it was time that I wanted to have my products and take a diffusion French. We started standard products and custom and finally pure-development. My level of demand has been growing, I will also visit some subcontractors to increase understanding and opportunities. China is bluffing, samples made on Monday afternoon after a plane sent by mail in the morning and arrives at our workshop on Wednesday at noon … but it is not my job and accompany me BRIEFING daily. Through this I believe that it is very easy.

                               SERGE U.


Our family company of 180 people did not have a large international culture but had the financial means to go it alone, that we have done in the first place …. However by the complexity of the Chinese market and our solitude in these cases, we were forced to make coaching: BRIEFING put us on the right foot stirrup. Today, their consultants accompany us in our different needs and missions. … We then decided to work for a BRIEFING via optimization of price, quality, with more safety and comfort!

                               OLIVIER R.


We dreamed of everything and anything around a concept but in the end we had a strong product and thought. Certainly BRIEFING accompanied us in its industrialization, which no industrial interest in France, but they have provided over the role of consulting outside made us evolve our product in the right direction.

                               CLAUDE T.


We used to work with various Western countries then jump to work with Asia we felt childish and we went live, and we made “pluck” quickly as random dates not observed , goods stuck at the customs price discordant communication problem … We then decided to work for a BRIEFING via optimization of price, quality, with more safety and comfort!

                               VERONIQUE B.


I have a plumbing company of 14 people and when a major renovation market, I had to have a competitive price on materials, I tried with some trepidation and telling me that China and import was not for me! The result in terms of products, prices, services in terms of days and places of delivery was beyond my expectations.

                               DIDIER R.


When my competitors selling products below cost of manufacture my, I either had to close the company, or the redirect with an opening price countries labor more competitive. What I did with BRIEFING while preserving a part in France further production.

                               THIERRY H.


I had a distribution business highly specialized for 15 years and wanted to capitalize on this experience in developing my own business. I lacked the products BRIEFING found me after my supply precise specifications.

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